Back to school (Humming grease 2)

Ever since I’ve been back in school with my new fellow enemies things have be extremely awkward. My best friend Ari have definitely took my side on things but anyone who have a brain would! Bree has been trying to make things better through Ari which i knew she would try even after i nearly slapped her face off. That’s just how she is a genuine backstabber i’d like to call her. Jessie haven’t said a word to me and it’s has become really strange especially at cheer leading practice. More for her though Bree doesn’t cheer and i must say i’m more liked on the team then Jessie. The times we do make eye contact she makes sure she rolls her eyes at me. When would she realize that attitude is going to get her nowhere. I’m still trying to figure out what’s she so mad about when i’m the one who was betrayed. Everyone knows exes are off limits! That is girl code section one! Since me and Ricky(Todd(myex) best friend) are good friends he had no problem talking to me about the situation. Even he agrees with me Bree is not a good friend and she’s dumb to think Todd is interested in anything serious with her. So she basically didn’t give a shit about our friendship and risked it on a fling. Well i guess theirs always a dumb one in the group. On top of everything I was told Jessie was already sleeping with Ricky and they not even together! I’m not saying she’s a hoe but……ok I’m calling her a hoe.


Wide Awake

Since i’m up and basically still suspended. My suspension would have ended today but apparently there’s no school tomorrow because of teachers planning day like are you serious. I would have been laying out my stupid uniform for tomorrow if Ari didn’t tell me. Why even have school when there’s no school on Monday either. I actually want to go to school to see Bree’s face i wish i would have slapped Jessie instead. You know I’m not one of those girls when a friendship ends i air out their dirty laundry, but they both would seriously want to watch it a lot of subliminal things have been said about me already,

But on a brighter note Vampire Diaries series continue tonight at 8 and i’m definitely a fanatic. I love all the love triangles on the show but i wish my story was more like Elena’s (the main character) where she have two hot brothers basically fighting over her and they both have something the other don’t and you just want them both(I mean who has a cake and doesn’t eat it :D). I swear some episodes have almost made me cry because the love that is shown i so strong. If you watch the show you know there’s another love triangle which are very similar(two hot guys) But one is bad ass(Klaus) and i can’t help but love his character a little more then the decent guy (Tyler). I usually don’t root for the bad guy but he is just so misunderstood. *sigh* I just love this show.


Ahhhhh I’m so ready for tonight!!! 😀