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Of all The Pop mixes I’ve heard i think this is the best one


Vampire Diaries!

So it’s been two days since vampire diaries started back and I’m so shocked and most of all i’m sad about what happen. After watching this episode i feel like a vampire that just got daggered in the heart ūüė¶


So Rebekah is back and more bitchie then ever and the obnoxious Kole   is too.

Rebekah traps Caroline, Stefan, and Elena ¬†in the high school. She¬†compels(use her orignal vampire power on them) them to stay¬†and the worst part she makes Elena tell Stefan how she really feels¬†She basically says I slept with your brother Damon¬†¬†and i’m in love with him. Then she is also forced to tell him that she is not in love with him anymore leaving me and Stefan very upset (that whore!). To make matters worst Rebekah tricks Tyler into coming to the school(who is a hybrid both vampire and werewolf) Forcing him to turn into a werewolf to try to kill his girlfriend and friends(werewolf bites are fatal to vampires) So Caroline, Stefan, and Elena flee around the school. Professor Shane(who i like to call Shady Shane)¬†¬†Gets captured by Rebekah and Kole.

Meanwhile Damon is trying to help Jeremy with his vampire hunting skills , but Klaus is of course not patient with this training take matters into his own hands, as usual  so Klaus has an innocent girl turned into a vampire then killed by Jeremy.

Back in the school Bonnie ¬†finds April(who’s definitely getting on my last nerve)¬†

Stefan and Elena are in a room together which is later joined by Rebekah. Giving Elena an option to erase¬†Stefan’s¬†memory of her. Elena didn’t want that but Stefan practically begged Rebekah to do it. Rebekah basically laughed in¬†Stefan’s¬†face she made it clear after that she wanted him to feel that pain(she once was in love with him).¬†Speeding¬†things up Shane is beat to death by Kole for wanting to awake some mystical being, but Bonnie put a spell on him nearly killing April(I feel guilty to say i enjoyed this). Caroline finds Tyler laying naked in the gym. Elena tells Damon she is in love with him via cellphone.The episode ends with April being annoying as hell(like why is she in the story again) and Stefan and Rebekah in a¬†alliance.¬†¬†¬†so much is going on and i can’t wait for Thursday!!!

Wide Awake

Since i’m up and basically still suspended. My suspension would have ended today but apparently there’s no school tomorrow because of teachers planning day like are you serious. I would have been laying out my stupid uniform for tomorrow if Ari didn’t tell me. Why even have school when there’s no school on¬†Monday¬†either. I actually want to go to school to see Bree’s face i wish i would have slapped Jessie instead. You know I’m not one of those girls when a friendship ends i air out their dirty laundry, but they both would seriously want to watch it a lot of subliminal things have been said about me already,

But on a brighter note Vampire Diaries series continue tonight at 8 and i’m definitely a fanatic. I love all the love triangles on the show but i wish my story was more like¬†Elena’s¬†(the main character) where she have two hot brothers basically fighting over her and they both have something the other don’t and you just want them both(I mean who has a cake and doesn’t eat it :D). I swear some episodes have almost made me cry because the love that is shown i so strong. If you watch the show you know there’s another love triangle which are very similar(two hot guys) But one is bad ass(Klaus) and i can’t help but love his character a little more then the decent guy (Tyler). I usually don’t root for the bad guy but he is just so misunderstood. *sigh* I just love this show.


Ahhhhh I’m so ready for tonight!!! ūüėÄ


Today I got an acceptance letter to the college I actually want to got to, but i’m still debating do I want to go to a community college first for two years or just head to the University. My parents are the type who say when you turn 18 your on your own they said it to my sister even though they didn’t cut her off completely. When she went off ¬†to college they gave her allowance every two weeks. I’m not sure if their threats are real because my sister had a academic scholarship, but they basically flat out told her they are not paying for college. Both my parents are quick to let you know they have worked and payed their own way through college blah blah blah. So if I don’t find any last minute scholarships I think the community college is my best bet. My best friend Ari got accepted to Fsu I applied there to but i haven’t heard back from them yet. It’s strange really to think in a couple months we might not see each other, well not¬†until¬†holidays. Wow I’m actually sad now I never really thought about it, I can really be on my own very soon.

Bad Girls

Another guilty pleasure of mine is Bad Girls Club and i must say i don’t know if this season is going to keep my interest after watching¬†tonight’s¬†episode. First every season they ask the girls what make them a bad girl. To me a bad girl is someone who’s not a statistic of something negative. I think being a bad girl makes you a strong woman who do what she feels and stand by what she think is right. Not someone who can out whore the next person or who can punch the hardest. I mean a whore can be a bad girl but¬†as long¬†is she not a whore just because everyone else is. That’s not a bad girl¬†that¬†just make them a follower and a whore i guess. ¬†All of the girls on bad girls club say the same thing I’m bad, I’m pretty, I like to get f**cked(well good for you), I love girls (yeah so everyone is a lesbian now but have boyfriends yeah ok), and¬†especially¬†i will f**k you up if you get in my face(yet when they end up¬†getting¬†beat up they say i never have to fight -_-). The thing that kind of bothered me every season was that it was always one girl the whole house always team up against but if you are a bad girl you would stand on your own and another bitch wouldn’t phase you(i mean right?). So If i do stay to watch this season ¬†my thoughts about these girls may change,¬†but here’s¬†the vibes i got from each of the girls tonight.

Paula: So far i feel this girl is craving attention bad! I mean everyone gets angry but i feel like she just wants to bitch about everything. I think she is definitely one of those girls that’s going try to make this show all about her with the most drama she can.

 Nicole: Okay Nicole is the tomboy of the group and so far i must say its hard for me to like her. She really just rubs me the wrong way so far all i see is a instigator.

¬†Stephanie: She’s the typical pretty girl/stripper. I can¬†already¬†tell she’s going ¬†to be the most¬†sexual¬†in the house but she does seem more like one of the cooler girls.

¬†Alicia: So far i like her she has her own style which is a little weird but i like to see individuality when it comes to fashion. When it comes to her personality i really don’t have an opinion yet.

Janae: Poor Janae she’s definitely the girl who the house is going to gang up on next. She already have got into altercations and a scuffle with Paula and Nicole. She’s not all innocent she has been drinking since she walked in the house and her voice when she start yelling it’s just not pleasant to the ears.

Valentina: Well i love and hate this girl. I love her because i think if i continue to watch she would make me laugh other then that i hate her. She’s very arrogant and she really have something wrong with her. At the end of the episode she’s screaming like a banshee and attacking Janae and i’m still stunned trying to figure why the hell she did it.

Shannon: Well i like her so far even though i have a feeling¬†that’s¬†going to change, but i think she is a bad girl. She got her own shit even though a huge percentage of her is fake(from plastic surgery).That’s all i feel about her she was really in the background this episode.

Well so far i’m bored last season was so crazy ¬†I really don’t think this season can top it but hey maybe next week they would grab me in if not i’ll find the next unorthodox show.

Catfish or Online Dating

Catfish have¬†definitely¬†became one of those shows that people watch together and talk about it on twitter. It has become one of my little guilty pleasures, but when it comes down to the people on the show i don’t feel bad when the person they were talking to turn out to be someone else. The guy Nev who’s over the show does a little bit of research and i must say that the research he does my 10 year old cousin can do. Anyhow some of these people have been talking to mystery people for years and i honestly i don’t know how other people feel but i will find it strange having daily conversations with someone i supposedly have feelings for without meeting them. Especially the ones that have a million excuses on why they can’t meet. Very strange! Then they be all shocked some even cry when they found out the person has been lying, well duh! My mother always says if someone really likes you they would make time for you no matter what. Well if you have something to hide that would be a hard thing to do or your just not interested. Which would lead me to move on immediately.



Yesterday has to be marked as one of the worst days of my¬†high school¬†career. If it get any crazier down the road I might pull out all of my hair. Confronting a friend has to be one of the hardest things to do, well for me it is. It’s very hard for me to keep my composure when i’m really upset about¬†something. Yesterday didn’t go as i planned. I met with my ex-friend Bree after school to talk about her little¬†rendezvous¬†with my ex. Of course Ari and Jessie was there good thing they were really.Well good thing Ari was there. I spoke as calmly as i could and I said to Bree “Have you and Todd be going out” She just stood there staring at the ground, betrayal at its finest!

After about a minute of silence I started to get annoyed well my adrenaline was pumping. “Hello!” I yelled at her. Jessie then jumped and told me to calm down. Which i feel she didn’t have the right to say anything because she knew all along and I let her have it. Jessie had the nerve to tell me that Todd was only using me and he never really liked me.¬†Well¬†i guess he wasted 2 years on someone he has no interest in. So me and Jessie was all in each others face. Like how dare she! ¬†Ari tried to give us words of wisdom to get out each others face. I calmed down a little and I told Jessie we really¬†shouldn’t¬†be arguing due to the fact that she doesn’t matter.

Bree for some unknown reason grabbed me and I end up slapping her. I Actually didn’t mean to slap her but i don’t regret it, reflexes I guess. Bree ran off and Jessie took one death stare at me and told me that i’m just jealous then ran after her like some sappy movie. Ari started¬†giggling¬†surely this girl find everything funny, but to my dismay as they ran off the school security ran up. They took me straight to the deans office. I surely didn’t want to discuss what happen to my one-sided dean. It wouldn’t have stop him from suspending me for three days anyways. So now my parents are pissed and i’m in prison. Lucky for me they both work crazy hours so they want have time to make sure that i carry out my punishment, but i’m more worried about my suspension on my school records. I knew i could have handle things differently but shit happens. I love how both Bree and Jessie let me seem like the villain. I honestly don’t know what to do next ūüė¶

in jail