Vampire Diaries!

So it’s been two days since vampire diaries started back and I’m so shocked and most of all i’m sad about what happen. After watching this episode i feel like a vampire that just got daggered in the heart 😦


So Rebekah is back and more bitchie then ever and the obnoxious Kole   is too.

Rebekah traps Caroline, Stefan, and Elena  in the high school. She compels(use her orignal vampire power on them) them to stay and the worst part she makes Elena tell Stefan how she really feels She basically says I slept with your brother Damon  and i’m in love with him. Then she is also forced to tell him that she is not in love with him anymore leaving me and Stefan very upset (that whore!). To make matters worst Rebekah tricks Tyler into coming to the school(who is a hybrid both vampire and werewolf) Forcing him to turn into a werewolf to try to kill his girlfriend and friends(werewolf bites are fatal to vampires) So Caroline, Stefan, and Elena flee around the school. Professor Shane(who i like to call Shady Shane)  Gets captured by Rebekah and Kole.

Meanwhile Damon is trying to help Jeremy with his vampire hunting skills , but Klaus is of course not patient with this training take matters into his own hands, as usual  so Klaus has an innocent girl turned into a vampire then killed by Jeremy.

Back in the school Bonnie  finds April(who’s definitely getting on my last nerve) 

Stefan and Elena are in a room together which is later joined by Rebekah. Giving Elena an option to erase Stefan’s memory of her. Elena didn’t want that but Stefan practically begged Rebekah to do it. Rebekah basically laughed in Stefan’s face she made it clear after that she wanted him to feel that pain(she once was in love with him). Speeding things up Shane is beat to death by Kole for wanting to awake some mystical being, but Bonnie put a spell on him nearly killing April(I feel guilty to say i enjoyed this). Caroline finds Tyler laying naked in the gym. Elena tells Damon she is in love with him via cellphone.The episode ends with April being annoying as hell(like why is she in the story again) and Stefan and Rebekah in a alliance.   so much is going on and i can’t wait for Thursday!!!


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