Today I got an acceptance letter to the college I actually want to got to, but i’m still debating do I want to go to a community college first for two years or just head to the University. My parents are the type who say when you turn 18 your on your own they said it to my sister even though they didn’t cut her off completely. When she went off  to college they gave her allowance every two weeks. I’m not sure if their threats are real because my sister had a academic scholarship, but they basically flat out told her they are not paying for college. Both my parents are quick to let you know they have worked and payed their own way through college blah blah blah. So if I don’t find any last minute scholarships I think the community college is my best bet. My best friend Ari got accepted to Fsu I applied there to but i haven’t heard back from them yet. It’s strange really to think in a couple months we might not see each other, well not until holidays. Wow I’m actually sad now I never really thought about it, I can really be on my own very soon.


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