Bad Girls

Another guilty pleasure of mine is Bad Girls Club and i must say i don’t know if this season is going to keep my interest after watching tonight’s episode. First every season they ask the girls what make them a bad girl. To me a bad girl is someone who’s not a statistic of something negative. I think being a bad girl makes you a strong woman who do what she feels and stand by what she think is right. Not someone who can out whore the next person or who can punch the hardest. I mean a whore can be a bad girl but as long is she not a whore just because everyone else is. That’s not a bad girl that just make them a follower and a whore i guess.  All of the girls on bad girls club say the same thing I’m bad, I’m pretty, I like to get f**cked(well good for you), I love girls (yeah so everyone is a lesbian now but have boyfriends yeah ok), and especially i will f**k you up if you get in my face(yet when they end up getting beat up they say i never have to fight -_-). The thing that kind of bothered me every season was that it was always one girl the whole house always team up against but if you are a bad girl you would stand on your own and another bitch wouldn’t phase you(i mean right?). So If i do stay to watch this season  my thoughts about these girls may change, but here’s the vibes i got from each of the girls tonight.

Paula: So far i feel this girl is craving attention bad! I mean everyone gets angry but i feel like she just wants to bitch about everything. I think she is definitely one of those girls that’s going try to make this show all about her with the most drama she can.

 Nicole: Okay Nicole is the tomboy of the group and so far i must say its hard for me to like her. She really just rubs me the wrong way so far all i see is a instigator.

 Stephanie: She’s the typical pretty girl/stripper. I can already tell she’s going  to be the most sexual in the house but she does seem more like one of the cooler girls.

 Alicia: So far i like her she has her own style which is a little weird but i like to see individuality when it comes to fashion. When it comes to her personality i really don’t have an opinion yet.

Janae: Poor Janae she’s definitely the girl who the house is going to gang up on next. She already have got into altercations and a scuffle with Paula and Nicole. She’s not all innocent she has been drinking since she walked in the house and her voice when she start yelling it’s just not pleasant to the ears.

Valentina: Well i love and hate this girl. I love her because i think if i continue to watch she would make me laugh other then that i hate her. She’s very arrogant and she really have something wrong with her. At the end of the episode she’s screaming like a banshee and attacking Janae and i’m still stunned trying to figure why the hell she did it.

Shannon: Well i like her so far even though i have a feeling that’s going to change, but i think she is a bad girl. She got her own shit even though a huge percentage of her is fake(from plastic surgery).That’s all i feel about her she was really in the background this episode.

Well so far i’m bored last season was so crazy  I really don’t think this season can top it but hey maybe next week they would grab me in if not i’ll find the next unorthodox show.


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