Catfish or Online Dating

Catfish have definitely became one of those shows that people watch together and talk about it on twitter. It has become one of my little guilty pleasures, but when it comes down to the people on the show i don’t feel bad when the person they were talking to turn out to be someone else. The guy Nev who’s over the show does a little bit of research and i must say that the research he does my 10 year old cousin can do. Anyhow some of these people have been talking to mystery people for years and i honestly i don’t know how other people feel but i will find it strange having daily conversations with someone i supposedly have feelings for without meeting them. Especially the ones that have a million excuses on why they can’t meet. Very strange! Then they be all shocked some even cry when they found out the person has been lying, well duh! My mother always says if someone really likes you they would make time for you no matter what. Well if you have something to hide that would be a hard thing to do or your just not interested. Which would lead me to move on immediately.



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