Yesterday has to be marked as one of the worst days of my high school career. If it get any crazier down the road I might pull out all of my hair. Confronting a friend has to be one of the hardest things to do, well for me it is. It’s very hard for me to keep my composure when i’m really upset about something. Yesterday didn’t go as i planned. I met with my ex-friend Bree after school to talk about her little rendezvous with my ex. Of course Ari and Jessie was there good thing they were really.Well good thing Ari was there. I spoke as calmly as i could and I said to Bree “Have you and Todd be going out” She just stood there staring at the ground, betrayal at its finest!

After about a minute of silence I started to get annoyed well my adrenaline was pumping. “Hello!” I yelled at her. Jessie then jumped and told me to calm down. Which i feel she didn’t have the right to say anything because she knew all along and I let her have it. Jessie had the nerve to tell me that Todd was only using me and he never really liked me. Well i guess he wasted 2 years on someone he has no interest in. So me and Jessie was all in each others face. Like how dare she!  Ari tried to give us words of wisdom to get out each others face. I calmed down a little and I told Jessie we really shouldn’t be arguing due to the fact that she doesn’t matter.

Bree for some unknown reason grabbed me and I end up slapping her. I Actually didn’t mean to slap her but i don’t regret it, reflexes I guess. Bree ran off and Jessie took one death stare at me and told me that i’m just jealous then ran after her like some sappy movie. Ari started giggling surely this girl find everything funny, but to my dismay as they ran off the school security ran up. They took me straight to the deans office. I surely didn’t want to discuss what happen to my one-sided dean. It wouldn’t have stop him from suspending me for three days anyways. So now my parents are pissed and i’m in prison. Lucky for me they both work crazy hours so they want have time to make sure that i carry out my punishment, but i’m more worried about my suspension on my school records. I knew i could have handle things differently but shit happens. I love how both Bree and Jessie let me seem like the villain. I honestly don’t know what to do next 😦

in jail


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