Beware of Snakes

Earlier i skipped school,but only because i really had too not because i’m some lazy student, even though i made it seem that way. Over this winter break i had found out some very shocking news. See when i’m not studying or at cheer leading practice i’m usually hanging out with my three best friends Arianna(Ari), Jessilyn(Jessie), and Bree. They are definitely the few people that i share everything with. Out of the three i’m closer to Ari. Ok lets get to the point. Well over break i found out Bree has been dating my ex Todd and Jessie knew about it because she dates Todd best friend Ricky(who by the way i’m pretty good friends with) according to Ari’s sources they have been going on double dates. What no invite! So if your not as angry as i am yet this is why i’m pissed. Me and Todd was dating for almost two years, i lost my virginity to him and when the days he was a fucking douche to me all my friends was there when i cried( not my proudest  moments) It’s just iv’e been through so much with Todd he’s just OFF LIMITS!!! Honestly i’m in disbelief and i’m so disappointed that i haven’t even confronted her about it. I didn’t go to school today because i’m just not ready to face them. All i can vision is me punching everyone in the face. Is there no one you can trust anymore. Bree and Jessie know I’m upset about something i just think their to dumb to realize its about them not even the fact that I’ve been ignoring their calls and having random twitter rants about trust. Tomorrow I definitely will be voicing my opinion!




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